Life Events

At Christ Church Deer Park we are committed to nurturing the spiritual lives of all our people—from our kids to our seniors. As an Anglican community we have many ways to mark and celebrate significant life events.

Steeped in a tradition that has been life-tested for centuries and has deep spiritual roots, we offer you and your loved ones the chance to celebrate a baptism, confirmation, re-affirmation or wedding with us. And when a loved one dies, is ill, or approaches the end of his or her life, we offer you and your family our comfort and support.

We hope that you will to call on our community in relation to any of these life events. For more information don’t hesitate to speak to one of our clergy about your needs.

Holy Baptism

At Christ Church Deer Park, we encourage your interest in baptism at any age and welcome inquiries from interested adults and/or parents (on behalf of infants and children). We are flexible with our dates and would be pleased to speak with you about our preparation process.


The Anglican Church of Canada confirms people of any age who are ready to affirm their baptismal vows and publicly declare their Christian faith. We recognize and appreciate that each person's faith journey is different: some may feel ready to be confirmed in their teen years, others in their adult years. We hope that you will be in touch with us if Confirmation is something you would like to explore.


Thank you for thinking about making Christ Church Deer Park part of your wedding celebration. Our community would be be honoured to have you choose to begin your life as a married couple with us. We are an affirming parish and welcome traditional and non-traditional couples. We are happy to discuss plans for your special day and ask you to contact our clergy at least three months prior to your planned wedding date.

We will do everything we can to support you as you begin — and continue — your commitment to a life together. If you are interested in exploring being married at Christ Church Deer Park, please feel free to initiate a conversation with us.


When a loved one dies, there are many decisions to be made. We are here to help during this difficult time with spiritual counselling or referrals to appropriate helping professionals. We can also assist you to plan a service that brings together family and friends to honour a life well lived. Our funeral services follow a basic Anglican liturgy but can be traditional or contemporary, as you prefer, and may be personalized with readings, music, and tributes. We are sensitive to the needs of you and your family, and will take into account different church-going experiences and levels of spirituality.

If a loved one has just died and you need our help, please contact us immediately.

Re-Affirmation • Reception Into The Anglican Communion

For Anglicans, an individual's spiritual development and faith can be honoured and expressed in a variety of ways, and we are open to new or evolving forms of expression. For instance, you may wish to reaffirm baptismal vows that were made years earlier (by parents or godparents on your behalf). In that case, Vows of Reaffirmation before the parish community could be an appropriate form of expression.

Or, you may have discerned that the Anglican church and its traditions are a more authentic way for you to express your spirituality than another denomination. In that case, if you are already a baptized Christian, a Reception into the Anglican Community may be the way to honour your original baptismal vows and your new life in our community. Please be in touch with us if reaffirmation or reception is something you are considering.

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The Story behind our

Tracking Organ

Our magnificent three manual, tracker-action organ was installed in the chancel of the church in the spring of 1982 and dedicated to the Glory of God and in memory of those who died in the First World War and the Second World War.

The organ, built by the Karl Wilhelm Company of Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, has a classical continental design. The case is made of white oak and the pipe shades are of carved butternut. Voiced in the classic French style, its 36 stops and 50 ranks are capable of interpreting a wide variety of organ literature.

Installation required considerable changes to the chancel including moving the altar forward and arranging choir seating to either side. These renovations prompted the design and production of our award-winning Benedicite Kneelers, done in needlepoint by a dedicated group of church members.